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Why Work with Me?

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I offer the following services:

  • Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews. I am open to collaboration and promoting your company, new products, services, and website. I create engaging, honest, and science-based reviews for products I would use or recommend to a friend.
  • Brand Ambassadorship. I am looking for beauty and skincare brands whose approach to taking care of the skin or balancing hormones align with mine as I promote them on my webpage or Pinterest account.
  • Giving Lectures and Speeches Live or Online. Being a doctor and medical cosmetologist, I specialize in giving short speeches or long lectures on skin therapy; dermatology made easy, cosmetology, skincare, hair and nail health, hormone balance, underlying skin causes, healthy aging, and other topics.
  • Guest Writing. I am open to writing a guest post for any other website related to my niche: acne, skin diseases, beauty, skincare, hair and nail disorders and products, healthy aging, and balancing hormones.

Ready to work with me? Please note that I value my readers, and I partner with brands whose products or services fit my niche, my website BEAUTY IN THE SKIN, and my scientific values. If this is you, please get in touch with me at